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The idyllic retirement of Professor John Hignett of Durm comes to an abrupt end when an old friend unexpectedly sends him an ancient and near-omnipotent artefact called the Weirdglass. Hignett’s astonishment turns to dread when he realizes the Weirdglass is broken and has become unstable and uncontrollable – a terrifying situation, given its terrible power. His friend has also gone missing, likely struck out of his senses by the damaged Weirdglass, and is sought by plotters in both Durm and neighbouring Dire.

Hignett must find his friend while he faces his greatest task harnessing all the deep breadth of his knowledge in order to fix the Weirdglass and prevent an unimaginable catastrophe. Yet, as time goes on, it becomes more and more apparent that despite all his learning, John Hignett may not know enough.

About the author(s)

R.S. Ramdial is the author of the Victorian horror novel The Inheritance and fantasy/horror short stories. He lives in the West Indies.
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Durm and Dire

Author : R.S. RAMDIAL
ISBN : 9789350981139
Bind : Paperback
Pages : 153
Price : Rs  475
Publisher : Manohar
Category : Fiction

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