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A virtual world that inexorably throbbed with a buzzing reality beamed into the lives of all the uniquely gifted poets in this anthology. The Significant League which is a literary group that allows talent to go berserk, mystically made these poets gravitate towards each other. The title of the book was an inevitable choice as the words that played "blind man`s buff ", in the deepest recesses of our souls, did a merry jig on our screens. The flutes and cymbals of the potpourri in each poet`s orchestra miraculously intertwined in the matrix, serenading with lyrical symphonies. I am very honoured to be a minuscule part of this squad of prodigious talent.

About the author(s)

Aakash Sagar Chouhan

Aakash is a nomadic poet restlessly scribing since a decade. Born and brought up in the Steel city Rourkela, in India. He is a college drop out, indeed an under graduate. He found himself blessed as he co-authored Between Moms and Sons along with Mrs. Geethanjali Dilip (Geethamma). His vagabonding pen has contributed for several anthologies such as Unleash the Undead, Feelings International, ‘ordplay – A Collection of diverse Poems, I am a Woman, Purple Hues – I & II and many more.
Anindita Bose

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Anindita Bose is inspired by the zeal of her city of joy. She has an interest in psychology which she believes has connected her closely to universal ideas and human emotions. She believes words have immense possibilities to create life out of nothing.

"Let`s decode the labyrinth of life" is what she thinks when words form stories in her conscious and subconscious minds. Recently her poems and stories got published in Tuck Magazine, eFiction India Magazine and Indiaree Magazine. Her poems are part of various national and international anthologies.

She is a working professional and when not writing she is actively involved in activities of a poetry group named ‘Rhythm Divine’ of which she is a co-founder. Apart from poetry writing she is also into short story writing, painting, photography and travelling.
Daipayan Nair

Born in Silchar (3rd Feb, 1988), an educationally advanced city of State Assam, India. Although he is a freelancer poet, author and a surrealist he has written many short stories, fictions, poems, and songs.His artwork reflects Surrealism concepts. His poems have been published in quite a few magazines and anthologies. His book containing his selected works named The Frost (Selected Poems) was recently published by the Authorspress Publications. Apart from that, he has created a new poetry form called "Tideling". He writes on an array of topics. Mother Jhumur Panday is a renowned writer and father Deepak Kumar Nair is an Associate Professor (ex HOD), Department of Botany, Cachar College, Silchar.
Fatima Afshan

Fatima Afshan is a teacher and content writer residing in Lucknow. She likes to write poetry and stories. Several of her poems and stories have appeared in numerous national and international anthologies like Contemporary Major Indian Women Poets, Umbilical Chords, The Divine Madness etc., and various journals like The Hindustan Times,, learning and and many more. She writes in Hindi and Urdu languages also. Some of her poems are a part of the English textbooks of Global Classrooms Pvt. Ltd. She is currently working on a novel of her own. Her novella named An Untold Story was nominated for the Reuel Prize of Fiction Award 2016. She has also been nominated for ‘YuvaPratibhaSamman 2016’ by Aagaman group of literature. Her poems have been placed in the highly commendable category by many times. She is one of the co-editors of an upcoming anthology of short stories named Meri Kahani. Besides writing, she is inclined towards calligraphy, blogging, drawing and painting too.
Gauri Dixit

Gauri Dixit is a software professional from Pune, India. She is an avid reader and regularly writes in poetry groups on Facebook. Her poems are published in 3 anthologies. Recently her poems were featured in the Poet`s Corner for the E-zine Mind Creative published from Syndey Australia. She was also the co-editor for the World Refugee Day Anthology published by Different Truths.
Geethanjali Dilip

Mrs. Geethanjali Dilip celebrates life through her soul`s expression in poetry. Having published her first poetry anthology Between Moms and Sons with Aakash Sagar, in midlife, she has no regrets as she realizes that life is poetry lived every moment! When she is not teaching French she is scribing feverishly, contributing poetry to many online poetry pages on Facebook including The Significant League, GloMag, Poetry Circle and many more. She is a contributing poet for anthologies published by `Different Truths`.

Her pages on Facebook are Alcove ATMA and Geethatmaa. She runs her private institution Zone Francofone, a French Coaching/ Teaching center at Salem, India. Geethanjali holds a bachelor`s degree in English literature and is a post graduate in French.
Lily Swarn

Lily Swarn is a post graduate in English from Punjab University and has taught degree classes. A gold medalist for "Best All Round Student" and a University Colour holder for dramatics and histrionics, Lily was the editor of the college magazine and also wrote middles for newspapers. Poetry as a passion blossomed after her young son`s sudden demise. She writes with a poignant touch both in Hindi and English. Hailing from a family with defence background, she is settled in Chandigarh.Lily was recently awarded the prestigious 2016 Reuel International prize for poetry.
Sunila Khemchandani

Sunila Khemchandani, essentially a nature lover, takes this life as it comes and believes in ‘live and let live’. She is a B.Com and Law graduate from Mumbai, India, settled in Canary Islands, Spain since last thirty one years. A teacher and accountant by profession, her love for literature has led her to the beautiful world of poetry. She has several poems published in various international English anthologies (Wings, Change, Indus Valley, Heavenly Hymns, Poetic Symphonies, Synthesis – The Duet Anthology, Brian Wrixon’s anthology, Umbilical Chords). She`s also been published in Writer`s ezine, Different,, Learning and and others. Many a times, her poems have been considered highly recommended in Destiny poets, UK. In January 2016, she won the Nanowrimo Novel writing contest and was awarded the prestigious Reuel International prize for Writing and Literature 2016 for fiction for her debut Novella “Eternal Links”. In 2008, she won the position of the best annual poet in Besides reading and writing, she does oil paintings, translates spiritual articles and books, transcribes and proof reads. Some of her translated works have been published and circulating.
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The Virtual Reality

Author : Aakash Sagar Chouhan, Anindita Bose, Daipayan Nair, Fatima Afshan, Gauri Dixit, Geethanjali Dilip, Lily Swarn, Sunila Khemchandani
ISBN : 9788193299265
Bind : Paperback
Pages : 146
Price : Rs  195
Publisher : Sparrow Books
Category : Poetry

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