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To say that Christopher Fry’s plays, have been taken up for studies as per the earlier critics’ categorisation of Seasonal Comedies, Historical drama and Religious drama, would be stating partial truth about them. The chronology of publication of their text and history of their staging belies it. Yet the study generally, for the sake of propounding a consistent thesis, follows such division.
The present form in which the book has been planned for readers – not only scholars and serious students of poetic drama of the 20th Century, or teachers of poetic drama at the universities, but also general readers who would be interested to know better their playwright – in such a manner that it fulfils to be reader friendly. Comedies, histories, and religious or Biblical themes, have been dealt with separately, although we find the religious and historical themes overlap and intertwine. Over and above, the present study endeavours to examine Fry’s world-view or his poetic vision in which the power and glory of the Spirit of God – not particularly Christian concept of Church triumphant – is anything but a sleeping partner. ‘When you walk alone, God walks with you’, says Cuthman, the boy with a cart. And it this spirit, which coheres and pervades as ethos of the plays peopled with a whole gamut of characters engaged in the turmoil of their life. And all are being led by the same spirit – in the form of either winning love or a strident inferno of burning down and creating – to better understanding of the relationship between man and his world.

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Born in 1930, S.C. Narula studied Physics and Astronomy for his graduation at the Government College, Ludhiana, but switched to English Literature for his Masters and got his doctorate from the Delhi University for his study of Christopher Fry. His post-doctoral dissertation on the shorter poems of John Milton won him worldwide academic acclaim. He has travelled extensively and presented papers at national and international seminars; published in scholarly journals, Indian Literature, Indian Journal of English Studies, The Literary Criterion, ARIEL, JSAL...; contributed articles to anthologies; translated Hindi and Punjabi poetry and fiction into English. His books Tales from Shrimadbhagwatand Selections from the Saptakshave been published by Rupa in 2004-5.

His book of stories Tale of the Syamantak Jewel Damyanti: Woman of Substance and his collection of poems Inheritors of Broken Sky, have recently been published. His poetry collection The Third Passenger is due to come out from Manohar shortly.

A Handbook on Milton and The Theocentric World of Christopher Fry are being published by Sparrow Books.
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Theocentric World of Fry`s Drama

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