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Ramavtar did wonders at Kolkata Asiad. An ambitious Rahul was jealous and stopped him from running. Ramavtar went on to become a coach and he coached a young girl, Protima. Protima started performing very well but she had a rival in Alice. Alice competed with Protima but failed. Protima married Ramavatar which again was a cause of jealousy for Rahul. By then, the athlete couple had created two rivals.

Rahul had a dalliance with Protima rather than taking athletics seriously. Alice wanted to defeat Protima by getting trained under Ramavatar who refused her straightway. Now how Rahul and Alice will cope with their jealousies? What will happen to their lives? Will they take revenge being stung by hatred or they will be able to find the real culprit? Read on to find this mystery wrapped fiction on sports politics. . .

About the author(s)

Bishnu Banerjee born on 18th October 1960 graduated in Sci- ence from Delhi University and did his Post-Graduation in Eco- nomics from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi. While he was pursuing Masters in Regional Planning from IIT Kharagpur, he got an offer from a reputed nationalised bank for the post of Management Trainee. He joined the bank in 1985 and is presently working in the bank in the middle management position.His first love has been literature.He inherited this culture of writing from his father and paternal uncle.His other publications (novels) are Hundred Meters, Lieutenants of Jungle,His Grace and Kashi in Berlin published in the name of Vishnu D Banerji.
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Thee author has made the story line interesting as he has added typical Hindi film Mirch-Masalas – love, marriage, rivalry, jealousy, murders, revenge, friendship, mistrust, suspense and lots of other emotions. It hovers around suspense and makes one interested in what happens. The novel is unique and interesting as the story is blended with reality in Indian athletics.
For the first time in my long career as a sports journalist I have come across a novel based on Indian athletics. Bishnu has researched the subject. The novel is written in simple English.

–SHANTANU GUHA RAY India Editor, Central European News



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