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The Sethi family was divided along with the partition of India. During the three wars, one clan that remained in Pakistan fought with the other clan that migrated to India. Rajinder remained in Pakistan and became Rizwan and maintained contacts with his brothers who came over to Delhi. During the last three wars – Pak invasion of Kashmir, wars of 1965 and 1971, these two Punjabi families were after each other’s blood. Their fight continued till Kargil. Sethis versus Sethis. The Sethis on both sides wanted to capture Tololing? Did they know that they belong to the same family? Who would succeed and how they meet?

Read on for new insights into Indo-Pak relations. . .

About the author(s)

Bishnu Banerjee born on 18th October 1960 graduated in Sci- ence from Delhi University and did his Post-Graduation in Eco- nomics from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi. While he was pursuing Masters in Regional Planning from IIT Kharagpur, he got an offer from a reputed nationalised bank for the post of Management Trainee. He joined the bank in 1985 and is presently working in the bank in the middle management position.His first love has been literature.He inherited this culture of writing from his father and paternal uncle.His other publications (novels) are Hundred Meters, Lieutenants of Jungle,His Grace and Kashi in Berlin published in the name of Vishnu D Banerji.
Praise for the book


Have the Pakistanis ever thought that brothers are killing brothers during the wars? The Indian and Pakistani Armies have Punjabis from both the sides of Punjab. Only their religions differ! More than anything else, the Punjabis of Pakistan and India are products of the same genes.

I understood this after reading the novel March on to Tololing. It reminded me of the famous war novels – Battle Cry (Leon Uris), War and Peace (Leo Tolstoy), For Whom Bell Tolls (Ernest Hemingway), Helmet for my Pillow (Robert Leckie) and many others.

This is first of its kind and I am sure that readers will enjoy reading it.

Atanu Das, Senior Journalist, Press Trust of India



March on to Tololing

Author : Bishnu Banerjee
ISBN : 9788193299234
Bind : Paperback
Pages : 292
Price : Rs  385
Publisher : Sparrow Books
Category : Forthcoming

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