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About the book

The Diary of a Young Blogger is a collection of short stories from the diary of a girl named Akira who has a flare for writing and keeps penning down her thoughts. She is lost in a different world where she is fabricating stories and scenes. This book brings all her random thoughts and stories together. She dreams to be with a man named Kabir, who is just a thought in her head. She keeps thinking of their alternate endings.

About the author(s)

Rashmeet Kaur is a graduate of mechanical engineering who writes from the heart as a hobby. She believes in a gender equal world and actively works in that regard. She is 21 and wants to change the way the world sees women through her writings.Not all those wander are lost and she has been lost in a world full of dreams and ambitions for a really long time now. She believes in leading by example and wants to create as many leaders as she can through her work .
Praise for the book


There is something deeply magical in Rashmeet’s writings that makes complex emotions come out so well. Whenever I read her pieces – I find myself laughing, crying, smiling, gasping – all at the same time. I would urge everyone to read her works – let her take you on a journey!



The Diary of a Young Blogger

Author : Rashmeet Kaur
ISBN : 9788193299210
Bind : Paperback
Pages : 112
Price : Rs  225 202.5
Publisher : Sparrow Books
Category : Fiction

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