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Seven steps around the fire, each step, a promise.

I had promised you every millimetre of my life and here I am, thousands of miles away from you and yet not far, a mere breath away. I sit here listlessly, like a rag doll with a shattered brain. I walk alone under the shadow of this brooding house, as many have done before me, searching fervently for a drop of happiness...

The story is excellently crafted to satiate the burning desire of the so called treasure...the true happiness...the peace that must prevail within one’s heart.

‘Forgiving is a limbless genie. It has to be carried in rounded palms or the open hollows of the grieving mind.’

Each character goes through myriads of emotions and drama before reaching reaching salvation. From common household quarrels to the larger societal pressures...the book encompasses all.

Everything begins with the treasure...

...but what finally comes out is...‘Everyone has to find their own key to their treasure; everyone’s keys are different.’

About the author(s)

A poet-by-instinct and a spontaneous painter, Chandini Santosh has two solo collections of poetry and two much appreciated painting exhibitions to her credit. Her poetry is also published across half-a-dozen anthologies as well as in eminent journals like the Literary Survey by Kerala Sahitya Akademi and in ‘Inspired by Tagore’, (British Council-Sampad). Foraying into fiction, her short story, The Day of Sacrifice was selected for the ELLE Random House Fiction Prize 2013.

The House of Oracles is her first novel.
Praise for the book


A complimentary copy of The House Of Oracles, the debut novel by my Kannur-based artist-poet-author friend, Chandini Santosh, reached me yesterday. The novel has been published by Sparrow Books, a division of the well-known academic and scholarly publishing house, Manohar Publishers & Distributors. The back cover has a blurb by me, and Chandini also thanks me in the Acknowledgements page. However, I am not endorsing this book just because I was one of the first readers of its unpublished manuscript...

‘Family, relationships, traditions, even life itself––everything comes alive in Chandini Santosh`s words. A book very much worth reading.’
Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar, Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar Award Winner, Pakur, Jharkhand



House of Oracles

Author : Chandini Santosh
ISBN : 9788193299203
Bind : Paperback
Pages : 312
Price : Rs  399 359.1
Publisher : Sparrow Books
Category : Fiction

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