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Love’s magical feeling is intriguing. Its magnetic pull draws you towards it. The ones who win in love are blessed, for those who lose, it’s a curse. Sometimes you fall in love exactly with the person your heart desires but destiny has a wicked sense of humour.

I was in Love, I am in Love is one such tale of Trisha’s journey and her love. Trisha gave her heart to a virtual friend Aditya. But their dream fable is shortlived when it suddenly finds itself enmeshed in the 2006 serial blasts in Mumbai.

Will this traumatic experience blight their budding love? Would Trisha’s love wade through the turbulent waters to save a crumbling relationship or will she succumb to the miseries presented by life?

About the author(s)

Karan Bhatia is a Senior HR professional and an avid writing enthusiast. He loves to craft short stories in different genres and bring up provocative issues via his poetry. Churning out real life quotes straight from the heart, he has been a keen slam poet of late.
Praise for the book


“Written with a fairly realistic understanding of contemporary love, the novel outlines the many pitfalls of long distance love mediated by internet and the cellular phone. A touching love story”
Nandita Bose , Author: Tread Softly, The Perfume of Promise, If Walls Could Weep and Shadow & Soul


‘Love in its pristine form takes Trisha & her lovers through a journey down the rugged slopes of life to emerge winner at the end. To rise again after the disaster, to keep the family from crumbling and to fall in love with life again are the essences that keep the story of Trisha moving...culminating into a “they lived happily ever after” ending’
Dr. Sandipan Sen, Prof. of English and Tagore Scholar



I was in Love I am in love

Author : Karan Bhatia
ISBN : 9788193299227
Bind : Paperback
Pages : 314
Price : Rs  399 359.1
Publisher : Sparrow Books
Category : Fiction

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