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Devraj Singh Kalsi has woven an intricate tale of fortitude in the time of loss. The three protagonists of the story - Biji, Nasib and Preet - face the loss of the man in their lives with inherent strength. The equations between the three women change like a kaleidoscope with shift in power. They bond in ways they hadn`t done before. It`s also a story where they pursue their dreams supporting one another and adjusting to the changes in their lives. The story is peppered with Punjabi phrases as the author loves his roots. The story is gleaned from everyday experience and punctuated with doses of humour. This flowing narrative is embellished with minute observations by Kalsi about people in all walks of life. It is an easily readable and engrossing book which keeps one wondering about the events that are to follow. All in all, a story that looks forward.

About the author(s)

Work as a senior copywriter in a Kolkata based advertising and digital agency. Have published short stories in Decan herald, Statesman, Assam Tribune. Articles published in Tehelka,, the Delhiwallah, Pioneer.His second work of fiction, Roll of Honour, has been shortlisted for The Hindu Prize for Best Fiction 2013.
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Pal Motors :Pal Motors is a sensitive and evocative portrayal of three generations of a Punjabi-Sikh family living outside Punjab. The family patriarch is gone. Will the women rise up to the challenge and prove the values for which the community is famous: forbearance, tenacity, and hard work. It is an important book
Amandeep Sandhu, Fellow Solitude 2013-15, is the author of Sepia Leaves and Roll of Honour, short-listed for The Hindu Award 2013.



Pal Motors: Nasib da Khel

Author : Devraj Singh Kalsi
ISBN : 0000000000
Bind : Paperback
Pages : 392
Price : Rs  450
Publisher : Sparrow Books
Category : Forthcoming

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